Why 10.000 steps?

Walking is a very accessible and cheap form of exercise. The Japanese researcher Dr Yoshiro Hatano demonstrated that walking 10,000 steps throughout the day can fundamentally improve health. You’re sufficiently active and exercising, even if you’re not yet ready to becomes involved in more demanding sports. A simple way of exercising more, day in and day out, is to walk more, taking more steps whether you’re at home, commuting, at work or enjoying some free time. 10,000 steps a day, or 8,000 steps for people older than 65, is ideal. 

Does taking 10,000 step a day sound daunting to you? Little by little, month by month, introduce more activity and exercise into your life. Because every little bit of exercise is better than nothing. A little step for you, but a great leap forward for your health! 

Why is exercise healthy?

Moving is good for body and soul. The perks are almost impossible to keep track of; basically, everyone benefits from sufficient exercise. Whether you’re a man or woman, a young adult or a 65-plusser, a white-collar or a blue-collar worker. Take a look at all the health benefits of exercise in these infographics.