How do you count your steps?

Counting every step you take is simple, easy and motivating! Do you use the latest health app on your smartphone? Or is it better to buckle an activity tracker to your wrist? Would a classic step counter be more your style? There are plenty of different ways to count your steps. The step counter gives you guidelines and feedback. So, keep track of your steps. It’s best to choose a reliable step counter rather than one you found in a box of breakfast cereal. Our recommendations for reliable step counters are the Yamax Digiwalker (SW-200) and the Omron Walking Style (2.0 or 2.1). They’re available at healthcare stores, pharmacies, in some supermarkets and at certain webshops. You might not want to buy a new step counter. No problem! You can still make use of one you already have or use an app on your smartphone. And make the most of the 10,000 step package; it’s a reliable step counter and full of other benefits such as a guide and activity diary. 

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