Tips for at home and in your free time

  • Give in to temptation: play with the kids!
  • Always say yes when your dog wants to go walkies.
  • Don’t forget the dishes, the washing and ironing: they’ll keep you active too!
  • Put some upbeat music on while you’re cleaning.
  • Do stretches and exercises while you’re watching your favourite TV programmes (e.g. lift weights, do some light exercises for the muscles in your stomach, backside and arms or dance to music).
  • Do you have an exercise bike, stepper or other at-home training equipment rusting away in the basement? Park it in front of the TV and pedal your way through your favourite series.
  • Choose computer games that make you move.
  • Gardening is good for the muscles (e.g. trimming plants, mowing the grass and digging).
  • Do some sport or dancing on the weekend instead of watching television or wasting time on the computer.
  • Choose an activity or sport that you enjoy doing or that you can regularly do with your family or friends.
  • Plan a cycling vacation or walking excursion and invite family or friends. 

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