Exercise tips

In a healthy mix, you’ll swap between sitting, standing and moving. The best way of doing that is set out for you in the 8 Healthy Living tips found in the Physical Activity Triangle: 

  1. Sit still for shorter periods and be more active. 
  2. Take a step-by-step approach. Don’t give up and don’t allow yourself to relapse. A little bit of activity is better than none. 
  3. Develop a healthy habit of swapping between sitting, standing and actively moving every day. 
  4. Variation is important. Don’t just try to sit less and be more active in your free time, also think about when you’re commuting, at home or sitting at your desk at school.
  5. Replace less-healthy behaviour with healthier alternatives. Do you sit still a lot? Stand up or go for a little walk at regular intervals. Would you like to be more active and become fitter? Replace light exercise with more intensive activities. 
  6. Swapping between sitting, standing and moving gives you a good, fit feeling. Choose something that you enjoy doing and commit to doing it. This way, you’ll make it easier to take those first steps and then keep progressing. 
  7. Draft a plan and determine what you’ll do, where, when and how long you’ll do it and whom you’ll do it with. Think in advance about possible difficulties and find solutions for them. 
  8. Adapt your surroundings so that a healthy choice is the first thing you see. Put your walking shoes in sight, or leave your step counter on your nightstand every evening. 

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